Rui Li's Group Smart Cardiovascular Imaging

Current Members


Chen ShuoShuo Chen, Ph.D.
MRI Pulse Sequence Design

Ph.D. Students

Wei HanyuHanyu Wei
Chen WenwenWenwen Chen
Fu MingzhuMingzhu Fu
Ji JiachenJiachen Ji
Wei HainingHaining Wei
Li ZhongsenZhongsen Li

Ph.D. Students

Qiu WeiWei Qiu
Wang ShuaiShuai Wang



Zhang MiaoqiMiaoqi Zhang, Ph.D.
Thesis: Risk Factors and Prediction of Intracranial Aneurysm Stability Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Li ZhongsenZhongsen Li, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Accelerated Real Time Cardiac Imaging without ECG Triggering and Respiration Control


Zheng YichenYichen Zheng
Pins Medical
Thesis: Research on Real-time Cardiac MR Imaging without ECG gating and Respiratory control
Jiao ZilingZiling Jiao
Beijing Changping Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd.
Thesis: Quantitative analysis and differentiation of MR images between HCM and HLVH with U-Net
Wei HainingHaining Wei
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Fast Reconstruction for Multi-contrast Plaque Image Based on Deep Learning


Li YunduoYunduo Li, Ph.D.
Boston Consulting Group
Thesis: Cerebral Venous Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques and Clinical Applications
Li JifanJifan Li, M.S.
Thesis: Automatic Segmentation of Carotid Vessel Wall in Multicontrast Magnetic Resonance Images based on U-Net
Ji JiachenJiachen Ji, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Blackblood Imaging of Aortic Artery
Qiu WeiWei Qiu, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Automatic Segmentation of Cerebral Vessels
Qiu ShihanShihan Qiu, B.S.
Stanford University
Thesis: 3D Blackblood CINE Imaging based on Spin Echo Sequence


Wang XiaoleXiaole Wang, M.S.
Stanford University
Thesis: Idiopathic Pulmonary Artery Hypertension Evaluation with 4D Flow MRI
Guo YinYin Guo, B.S.
Yale University
Thesis: Plaque Segmentation Component Segmentation based on Multi-contrast MRI using U-Net


Chen ShuoShuo Chen, Ph.D.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Single Sequence for Multi-contrast Atherosclerotic Plaque Imaging: Preliminary Research and Clinical Application
Sun AiqiAiqi Sun, Ph.D.
Thesis: Studies on Fast Phase-contrast Flow Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chen YuYu Chen, M.S.
United Imaging
Thesis: Validation on Intracranial Aneurysm’s Hemodynamic Parameters based on 4D Flow MRI
Zheng YichenYichen Zheng, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Dynamic Cardiac Imaging without ECG triggering and respiration gating


Zhou ZechenZechen Zhou, Ph.D.
Thesis: Studies on Fast Multi-contrast Joint Intra- and Extracranial Vessel Wall Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Zhang XiaodiXiaodi Zhang, B.S.
Emory University
Thesis: MR Fingerprinting Reconstruction with Kalman Filter


Ma KeKe Ma, M.S.
Third Military Medical University
Thesis: Pulmonary Artery Flow and Relative Pressure Measurment and Reproducibility Study
Guo HengkaiHengkai Guo, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: 3D MR and US Registration on Carotid Artery
Li YunduoYunduo Li, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Blackblood Imaging with Velocity Selective RF Pulse
Han ShuoShuo Han, B.S.
Johns Hopkins University
Thesis: MRI Motion Correction with Pattern Recognition of Orbital Navigator


Cao ShujingShujing Cao, B.S.
Tsinghua University
Thesis: Swallowing Artifacts Reduction in MRI using COCOA Algorithm
Wei XintongXintong Wei, B.S.

Thesis: Artery Visualization and Hemodynamic Parameters Study